Diversity Day


18. Mai 2021 19:00

Gruppe #213


Together for diversity!

Diversity adds new ideas and experiences while letting people learn from each other. Bringing in different perspectives leads to better problem-solving. Working in diverse teams opens dialogue, promotes creativity and enables innovation. Diversity is the key for a promising future.


The dimensions of diversity are varied. In our evening event we will focus on the aspects of gender and sexual orientation.


We will welcome two key note speakers:


Michaela Elschner, LGBT*IQ Netzwerk RWE


Charlene Liu, Diversity & Inclusion Consulting, based in Shanghai.


We will get insights into the personell stories of both speakers, compare the status of Diversity & inclusion in Germany and China and talk about best practices for companies that want to become more diverse. There will be enough room for discussions. Please bring all your questions.